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  1. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD [2016/09/24 (土) 14:57]
    JESUS CHRIST IS LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk? in darkness, but will have the light of life. Open your heart to Jesus Christ !
  1. @HeThrewUpEverywhere [2016/09/24 (土) 09:13]
    @HeThrewUpEverywhere Well, generic it might be, but it’s also fun – in the same way that CoD 4 and MW2 are. Their mechanics work, and that’s why they stand out.
  1. At last! Someone wit [2016/09/23 (金) 04:32]
    At last! Someone with real expertise gives us the answer. Thanks!
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    If you could see the sorry state of my markers, you would know that this would be a welcome addition to my supplies. I would defiinitely give them a good home and put them to good use.
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    Dude, right on there brother.
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    I hate my life but at least this makes it bearable.
  1. Is this a YouTube de [2016/09/17 (土) 08:59]
    Is this a YouTube decision or did Google just screw up big time here (which would be unusual for Google)? You're turning YouTube into a dumb arse MTV knock off.
  1. I found just what I [2016/09/11 (日) 06:26]
    I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining!

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